"Water civilization: The evolution of the Dutch drinking water sector"

Karel Thieme enjoys the magic of clean water

Karel Thieme is an entrepreneur and Pure Water-ambassador who worked in the tea trade for over 20 years before turning full time to pure water. He learned about tea and water at Rotterdam Tea Trade (importer/exporter), where he discovered the beauty and rich variety of genuine tea prepared with pure water. He started Thieme's Echte Thee in 1993, packing, branding and supplying fine teas, which were to be prepared with purified water. With a focus on the revival of Tea Culture, he supplied the prestigious Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, 5 star hotels in London, New York, Paris and Dubai (7-stars). His secret was preparing high quality leaf tea specialities with tapwater purified by Reverse Osmosis.


In his four decades of work, he transformed from a tea-taster who learned about the importance of water into a pure water ambassador with knowledge of tea. Over the years various kinds of pollution of (tap)water have created an ever bigger need for clean purified tapwater. Therefore, Karel and his partner Olivier Olmer founded Aquapeak in 2018. Aquapeak offers, installs and services the newest generation practical and affordable home reverse osmosis water purification system; the Aquapeak Waterpurifier.


Karel is grateful for having contributed to the revival of Tea Culture and hopeful as to contributing to the revaluation of water.

This episode's motto: "Water is the key to life and clean water is the key to a good life."